Trafick Interactive Media Solutions Inc

Trafick IMS

Since 2003, we has been providing Web Design/Development services as well as Desktop Publishing, Visual Identity/Branding and Graphic Design and have satisfied hundreds of clients across Canada.

If you need your website re-designed or have started a new business and need some direction as to how to brand it, you have come to the right place. Set up a meeting with us today and we will get you up and running in no time.

A Bit About Us

Curtis Rostad

Curtis was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan and has always been the go getter type. Early careers involved auto parts and engine rebuilding shops and also GNC health food stores. In 2003 he took New media Communications and never looked back. Starting Trafick IMS while still in school his very first client was Curves Regina. A flash based site that saw many revisions over the years until it was ultimately taken over by Curves head office. Curtis has a love for design and efficiency. He is our primary designer, sales force and problem solver.

Kyla Woynarski

Kyla takes care of the day to day operations for Trafick IMS. She may be the one you talk to when you call in or she may the one answering your email. She does a lot of the behind the scenes work, like accounting, paying bills, banking and administrative duties. Basically the important stuff that ensures Trafick IMS is running smoothly.

Want to know more about us? Schedule a meeting today or come on by for a coffee, we always like to have company!


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