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An original Modern Rock band based out of Regina, Saskatchewan. Beautiful Thieves is made up of Curtis Roettger on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Paul Getz on Lead Guitar and Backup Vocals, Mitchell Marriott on drums and Curtis Rostad on Bass and back-up vocals.

BT is hard at work creating a number of original songs that we would love to share with you when they are ready so stay tuned to this page or our Facebook fan page at https://www.facebook.com/BeautifulThievesBand and don’t forget about Twitter @bethieves.

Influences for the Beautiful Thieves include 3 Days Grace, Headstones,  Foo Fighters, Collective Soul, and many others. Beautiful Thieves have played numerous shows over the last two years. Such notable locations include the Club, The Exchange, The Jam Space (Lemburg, Sk) and in the music Festival NoiseFest at the German Club.

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The Guys!

Curtis Roettger

Curtis has been passionate about listening, playing and creating music for what seems like his whole life. His first memories were seeing a cover band play on the back of a trailer in an alley by his grandpa’s house. “I was instantaneously hooked on what I was hearing coming out of those electrified amps and thundering drums. I still remember looking at these four guys having the times of their lives”. Shortly after that, Curtis attended his first rock concert – Iron Maiden. “I was instantly mesmerized and amazed at the energy, power and transcendence that music could have on people. I always wanted to learn how to play an instrument from that day forward. Creating music with these 3 guys is something I appreciate every day and feel immensely fortunate to be able to do. To give life to music & words and to know that tomorrow is unwritten musically and otherwise is an amazing feeling”.

Paul Getz

Paul is a guitar addict. Ever since hearing his first guitar he has been drawn to its beauty and aggression. From hearing the hippie and hard rock neighbors cranking their guitars to playing his first powerchord on a hot pink bc rich “bich”, Paul has been intoxicated by the guitar. Paul is constantly searching for new sonic “eargasms” through his G.A.S.(gear acquisition syndrome).
The following are some of Paul’s stats.

  • Guitars smashed with cause-1
  • Guitars smashed without cause-2
  • Noise complaints where the popo is dispatched-ongoing
  • Number of strings broken-5150
  • Number of notes played – 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (is this even a real number?)

Mitch Marriott

Mitch is the most handsome drummer the Beautiful thieves has. He is a Multi instrument artist and a professionally trained producer. Mitch is also the owner of Chesterfield4 recording studio. Mitch trained at Grant Macewan music program in Edmonton and has worked with notable recording artists such as Amy Nelson and Richard Groulx. You can hear some of his guitar handy work on our recordings which by the way have been professionally produced by Mitch.

Curtis Rostad

Curtis is a really great guy and arguably the best Bass player in the Beautiful Thieves. From Regina, Saskatchewan his whole life he has been playing the bass since he was 16. Now he did stop from 25 to 38 but who’s counting. He loves laying down the foundation for the Beautiful Thieves and has always had a fondness for the low end. When he can he provides some melodic back up vocals to keep the sound interesting and full with the band. His dream is to own an ice cream shop one day.

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