Beautiful Thieves record single in Saskatoon

Beautiful Thieves record single in Saskatoon

We have been very busy the last two days! Thursday Oct 30th the Beautiful Thieves traveled to Saskatoon so we could get up bright and early and head over to Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon.

We arrived at about 8pm Thursday evening and made our way to the Sheraton, yeah we are pretty big deals. We had reserved to room a while back but while checking in they informed us that we would have no water from 11pm til 5am. Not cool Sheraton!Anyways, after getting our gear up to the room we made our way over to Winston’s Pub  for some supper and a few drinks. The steak sandwich and poutine was amazing! The fish and chips looked pretty darn good as well.

After a few wobbly pops there we made our way over to The Congress Beer House. What a great place! Tastefully decorated and great service. I had my very first Whisky Sour with egg white. Try it! It’s awesome! After the Congress we decided we should get back to the hotel and get our beauty sleep as we will have to be nice and rested for the session in the morning. Arrived back at the room at 12:45 am and decided we should take care of our oral health and were about to start brushing tooths! Well this is about the time we remembered that we didn’t have any water. No fun! We complained and whined, but no discount. We did manage to get two $4 waters from the room for free though, so there’s that…

We arrived at the studio the next day at 8:30am and were the first ones there, I guess we were excited! People started showing up very shortly after we did and we proceeded to load our equipment into the beautiful studio. We had selected the song “Better Kind of Life” as our first single. Curt laid down a rough guitar track to the click of the metronome and shortly after a rough vocal track. Next up was Mitch to play to the rough tracks that the engineers had captured earlier from Curt. The sound of those drums in that big room was AMAZING! Mitch ran through the song once to get the feel for it and once he was comfortable, he absolutely nailed it! Next up was me (Curtis) on bass. It was a bit of a foreign experience for me as I am always used to ‘feeling’ the sound and it is not the case here. I ran through the song once and then it took 3 attempts at the song but I got it. We had a rough song! Next step was to polish it. Curt did the guitar track once again but had the drums and bass this time so the ‘feel’ was much better and easier for him to nail it. A couple of runs through and we had the guitar track. Next up was vocals. Curt was secluded to the vocal studio and did an amazing job. The playback was questionable when the vocals were being recorded but the vocals are captured none the less any issues would be fixed in post production. Finally we had to “thicken” the song up a bit. Mitch does an amazing little guitar riff at the end of the song that was perfectly captured and Curt did some nice chunky power chord and some more back up vocals to give us all the parts we need.

We should have the finished product back to us in about two weeks. We will post it here for all to hear and would love to hear you’re thoughts on it! Have a look at some of the pics below to and see the fun we had!

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  1. Balls says:

    Hey squirtus how’s it going? Congrats on the baby. What time are you guys going on on Friday? I want to try and make it down. Let me know. Paul


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