Feel’s like it’s been a million years…

Well not that long, but close!! Our last performance was May 15th at NOisefest, we have been busy/summer holidaying for the last few months but now we are back at it FULL STEAM AHEAD! We have a new jam space that is awesome and have an almost completed single that we are really happy with and hope to have it to our fans very soon.

But the real reason for the post today is our next performance. We will be playing one week from today September 17th at McNally’s once again for the SEARCH 4th annual KISS fundraiser! We will be playing with two other great bands, Port Noise and Zuko Rocks. This is going ot be a great night and we are hoping for a stellar turnout. We have advanced tickets for sale ($15) if you want to save a couple bucks ($20 at the door). Contact one of the band members and we will be more than happy to get you some.



1 thought on “Feel’s like it’s been a million years…

  1. Angus Livingstone says:

    Port Noise is looking forward to it, too! It’s gonna be a great night!


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