McNally’s SEARCH Gig

Kinder Scout @ MCNally's
Kinder Scout @ MCNally’s

Well I failed. I took 3 pics all night! Dammit! Thankfully friends took some and have shared them with me. But let’s get to the meat and potatoes, what a fun night! Not a typical ‘gig’ day for use per se but we still managed to get some of our traditional pre-gig rituals in. The band met at the jam space at about 6:30 to collect our equipment and have a drink or 2. We packed up, hit the road and unloaded at McNally’s at about 7:15pm. Upon arriving, I realized that I did not eat supper, either had Mitch. We zipped over to Bushwackers  to see our ladies and mooch a couple handfuls of nachos but then it was time for business. We got back just in time to hear Kinder Scout open the show. Fun fact about them, their new drummer is literally my neighbor across the street! Didn’t know until last night!  As usual, they put on a stellar performance with their down to earth roots rock sound. Bonus points, got to hear all about Todd Wakefield’s sweet custom Ibanez bass! Side note: the back room door ,where musicians load in, locks once it is closed. So if you go back there. ensure that you don’t close the door behind you. Mitch and I were locked in there for about 20 mins until we figured out the big over head door could be opened. So yeah, there was that 🙂

Beautiful Thieves took the stage next; the small, small stage. It’s weird. I have been to McNally’s numerous times and have never took into consideration just how small that stage is! I’m certainly not knocking it. It was just surprising once you are on it how much different it feels. It also felt more ‘glamorous’ if that is the right word. This is a stage at an event that we did not have a huge following at, it’s not a bad thing. The event was for SEARCH and most of the people there had not heard our music before so it was exciting to introduce them to it. In a way it was humbling. I do feel we were received very well and that we gained some fans last night. We had a great show and had a great time. Thanks again to all that attended!

Next up was our friends Diffusing Grey. They put on a fantastic show and even introduced a new one with keyboard! These guys are busy, busy, busy with gigs pretty much every weekend until the end of time it seems. If you haven’t had a chance to see them yet, get out there ASAP. As a matter of fact they are playing at Mojo club on Saturday May 16th, make a point of checking them out!

The night at McNally’s ended shortly after that. We loaded up and made our may downtown to bask in the post gig glow that always ensue afterward. We tried Beer Bros first but they weren’t serving food anymore. Off to Victoria’s Tavern we went. On our way we were treated to a huge crane moving some big ass compressor WAAAAAY up on the second tower.

Big ass crane
Big ass crane

Pretty neat to see on a Thursday night at 11:45pm in Regina. Vic’s was busy, but not so busy that we couldn’t get the vinyl room! ordered our share of deep fried goodness included chicken and waffles and were soon on our way.

It was a great night. Thanks again to all our wonderful fans, new and existing! You guys all rock!!

Couple of take-away’s from tonight gig….

  • Take more pictures! We need more! (Yes Paul, we need MORE)
  • Deep fried food makes for a fantastic comatose sleep
  • Regina downtown at night in the summer is really beautiful. More people need to enjoy it.
  • McNally’s stage is small, but mighty!
  • ALWAYS eat supper before a gig, other wise you end up like those angry people on those Snickers commercials
  • ALWAYS pee before you hit the stage, trust me on this
  • Make sure strange doors don’t lock upon closing
  • Once again our fans RULE!

Here are some pics AND vids from last night. Hope you enjoy them!




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