NOisefest T-Minus 1 Week

NOisefest fans! Have you got your tickets yet?! We are invading the awesome stage at Artful Dodger on Friday May 15th at 8:30pm. Tickets are only $10 and that give you access to 5 amazing local bands at the Artful Dodger as well as 5 local bands at the German Club just down the street; Win-Win!! We are fresh off our gig at McNally’s so that means we are rehearsed and ready to put on a great show for you!

Local YQR
Local YQR

Hey You!

Do you want some FREE NOisefest tickets, watch the LOCAL YQR facebook page , rumor has it they have a few tickets to give away in the next few days!!

The NOisefest line up at the Dodger for the evening is as follows. Source Code takes the stage first to get the crowd all riled up; Beautiful Thieves is next to keep the energy going and prime the crowd for the alt indie rocking sound of Kinder Scout. Our friends Hearts and Knives come out next and finally to finish the evening, Newera. This is unfortunately the Nick the drummers last show with Newera, not the end of the band though, Newera will continue!!

So as you can see it is going to be a great time. Come out, support local music, local business and enjoy summer!!

See you all there @ NOisefest!!

NOisefest circa 2014 (sans Paul, don't worry, Paul will be here with us on this show!!)
NOisefest circa 2014 (sans Paul, don’t worry, Paul will be here with us on this show!!)

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