Rock Star Dreams!

So we’ve all probably been there. Dreams of being a rock star! Last night we got our first real taste of it! Queen City Rocks was AMAZING!!

The day started like any other day that you have the opportunity to do what you love and entertain a BUNCH of people! Three of the Four Thieves met for lunch at Lancaster’s and discussed the evening over some drinks and food. PRO-TIP: don’t discuss song arrangement the day of a show!! A quick stop as the LB after lunch and we were set. Got back to our jam spot and Paul serenaded us with a few acoustic sets, we loaded up and we were on our way.

Serenading Paul
Serenading Paul

We had the opportunity to play with 4 other great bands who all ROCKED the place! the night started with Diffusing Grey, they put on a great set and sounded great! Little know fact about them; this was their 2nd  live performance!! I anticipate big things to come from them!  While they were playing it really sank in that we were next. Remember those nerves from other posts??

Yeah.. They were back.

We took to the stage at about 8:30. We have never played in front of that many adoring fans!! You all are AMAZING!! To hear the cheers and yells before and after each song still gives me shivers when I think about it. Twenty minutes is quick but I know we didn’t leave ANYTHING on the table. We played our hearts out. This was for sure our best performance yet. The addition of Paul proved to be very beneficial. Paul brings fresh new energy to the band and we are all feeding off it. Also he jumps off speakers, so there’s that. We played our set and left the stage to the crowd still yelling, it was amazing. I personally kissed every member of the band. Sorry if you guys got sick 😉 Seriously, one of the most memorable nights of my life to date. I am so happy I got to share it with these guys!

Beautiful Thieves @ QCR
Beautiful Thieves @ QCR

Next up was my good friend Steve Eisler and the band Hearts and Knives. As usual, they rocked! The emotion and power Steve puts in to the vocals is remarkable and you can tell the entire band is equally passionate about their music. Great performance and fun to watch!

Port Noise took the stage next with a burst of energy second to none. The Andrew’s (1 & 2)rocked the guitars while Angus belted out the vocals. The stage show put on by Port Noise is always entertaining and they were definitely in contention to take the prize that night.

The final act, and coincidentally the winning act Mother Night took the stage last. A three piece band that obviously know how to rock! I was flabbergasted at the amount of Mother Night t-shirts were in the crowd. They have a solid following and deservedly so, these guys ROCK. Congrats once again to the guys, well deserved!

We will cherish this night forever. Queen City Rocks is such an amazing event and we are already talking about what to do next year to up our game! Thanks again to all our fans and NEW fans from last night. We are all so grateful that you gave us the opportunity to share our music with you!

More take-aways from last night;

  • AGAIN!! Take MORE pictures.
  • Our fans are THE BEST!!!!!!
  • Old friends make some of the best band mates!
  • Did I mention pictures!
  • Drummers should always perform at least one stand/jump drum move
  • Burger King is actually better than McDonalds after an awesome show!
  • Mitch may have been cured of his beer sneaking habit!

Here’s a little video from last night for those of you that may want to re-live it or may not have been able to make it out.

(Special thanks to Rob Mohr for the vid!)

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